Thursday, October 25, 2007

Week 8, Thing #19 - LibraryThing

Have seen this before thanks to Sylvie. On being reintroduced to LibraryThing Jo got excited and created an account. We added 3 interesting books, using a scanner and 3 people. ;) Jean's interested but thinks it is a scary task with the 100's of books they have at home. Susan's would be interested if she had the Net at home but knows she can do the same thing on Access or Excel and send it to Google Docs or print it out, (as Susan has done with her DVD collection).

Week 8, Thing # 18 - Online applications

Google Docs - we already use this. Jo already has a Google Docs account, so we viewed the books Jo would like to read in a spreadsheet format (quite a list). We have also used this to provide feedback for the LRSN on Search Indexes and Language Lists. It has been very easy to use and it is a useful way of sharing documents.

Week 7, Thing #16 - Wikis

Visited 23 things wiki, added a comment and it got lost in cyber space. We liked the booklovers wiki and if anyone is interested we have the book in the eCentral Library. I know everyone loves wikipedia and it is improving in verifying its facts but it still holds some non factual information.

Week 6 Thing #13 - Delicious, tagging, WEB 2.0

We had a quick look at Delicious and found a link to Harlequin e-books. Great Christmas reading and pressies. Delicious is another interesting way to organise information, great if doing research topics in certain fields. Looked at LCSH folder and article on "Does print still matter?", we agree yes it does! Tagging is good to find things but remembering what you tagged something as could be the problem! Does depend on your frame of mind on that day! WEB 2.0 still in reading process.