Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Week 5 Thing 10 - Play Image generators, Twitter, Web 2.0

Image generators - now I know how some of those cat images in emails come about.
This was fun to do.
We are pop stars in space!
The image generator is
Yes it is M&M the chocolate!
Also had a look at Sudoku generator sounds great for all those who like sudoku. Rubik's cube generator
Amazing what you can do with a unusable picture.

Twitter Interesting and weird all in one go. Can't see the real purpose of this in use in a study environment. Students use messaging services already. Amazing how many people prefer to talk to a computer rather than each other. Hey I do have someone following me! Email is still a good way to keep in touch with friends or sms on the mobile.

Web 2.0 and Ning Had a look at some of the Ning network, some are very scary to what interests people have out there. Did notice that a lot have very strict rules which hopefully do keep out the predators on the web. Ended up joining the Library 2.0 as it had interesting comments from all over the world.

Did find an interesting blog: Defining Web 2.0 - good background information

I think it could be beneficial for the library community to see what other libraries are trying out there and what is working and what isn't, learning from each other is an age old skill. We also have to remember that some people like the face to face contact and many people are not computer savy or have access to the technology.

I can see the uses of blogs and forums too keep clients and staff informed and receive user feedback interaction is good but keep it simple would be good as too many discussions going at once gets confusing. How many web 2.0 features do we need before we reach the point of "information overload" and turnoff?

Have also ordered books from Lulu and looked at Biblio for out of print items.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Correct guess

Well done to the Wine Librarian for guessing correctly were the photo was taken. Yes it is Claisebrook. The next picture will be coming shortly! Let's just say it may be harder than the last...well the picture is here, so where is this taken you may be suprised by the answer.
Since no one has worked this out I will give you the answer. It is Kings Park a few years ago I have to admit, but there are a lot of everlastings up there this year as well.

Monday, September 17, 2007

Week 4, Thing 8 - Learn about RSS feeds and set up a blog reader account

Well, we got through that relatively easy! I wont say painlessly, but we wont go there!! So what next on our learning path of pain?? Just went into the google reader and we do have updates on our subscriptions Cool! :) Subscribing to the feeds is easy but you still have to go to another website to see them all. Do like "Unshelved" a library comic strip (read from the start of the strip to make sense).

Week 3, Thing 6 - Trading card

Hmm a magazine cover or a trading card????? Hard decision we went with the trading as it looked the easiest and we don't have the time to do something complex. This was fun and easy. The hardest part was getting it into our blog. You have to go through many middle men to get to where you want to go. Great idea for Child care and education students when they need to create flash cards or memorise students in class. Yes cataloguers paradise and the cat in the hat you are correct!

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Week 3, Thing 5 - Flickr

Well we wandered down the loooong lists of photos relating to Perth and East Perth and chose just one or two photos to discuss. If we had more notice the cameras would have come into work and we could have had a go at our own. Perhaps tomorrow!! If you click on you will see the photo we chose and called .......... On the road were we live ...... our second lives!!!! This wintery view was taken from the middle of Royal Street, a view we frequently see when returning from a lovely, long lunch in The Cove. The library is located at the end of the building (on the right). When we return from lunch, in the CBD, we make a habit of looking through the windows to see how well the library is being used.